Who said you could only use one material when it comes to your indoor business signage? Well, you can use any combination of materials, depending on the look and aesthetic you want. However, combining various materials can increase your cost, and most people don’t know where to start.
If you want the best interior business signage solutions, you are in the right place. Here are the top tried and tested material combinations that will take your signage to the next level. Be sure to choose any of these combinations for your next signage.

Frosted Glass And Vinyl

Frosted glass is one of the trendiest interior signage materials for businesses. Many giant corporations use this material for their interior decoration and signage solutions. That is because frosted glass easily blends with any surrounding while offering a stylish and fragile design.
On the other hand, many offices use frosted vinyl for portioning various spaces in an office. So, you can use both these materials to create the most functional and attractive signage. The signage can also offer privacy as the blurred glass allows mild light with less visibility inside.

Reflective Vinyl And Acrylic

No business will ever think of this combination because it is completely out of the box. Acrylic is high-quality, and many commercial businesses use this material as it is as thick as glass but has high impact strength that makes it durable. Because of this, acrylic lasts a long time when it comes to signage.
On the other hand, reflective vinyl decals offer a royal and glowing touch to the interior signage. Many traffic signs use reflective vinyl as the top material. If you want to give your corporate hallways a shiny and natural appearance, then use a combination of acrylic and reflective vinyl.

Glass And Metal

Glass and metal is not a new combination, but it is one that has stood the test of time no matter what. These materials attract the attention of visitors, set a positive tone, and enhance the perception and moods elicited inside a space. If you are confused about what material combination, using glass and metal is the best place to start.
Both materials will offer an elegant and sleek feel and appearance. If there are any spaces in your office that don’t attract too much attention, you can use signage with these materials. It will make the space look livelier, and people will be drawn towards it.

Wood And Brushed Aluminum

Wood and aluminum are natural materials and can transform the way your space looks with such signage. The best part about using wood as a signage material is that it will effortlessly blend with the surroundings and layout of your business. It also provides a classic and traditional look, which is why it is a fantastic choice for businesses that have traditional branding.
Of course, if you don’t want your office to look very traditional, you can use brushed aluminum to make it look more modern and contemporary. The aluminum has a brushed finish from one side, and it has applications you can make use of. If you want to create an inviting interior finish on signage, these are the best two materials to use together.

Wood And Acrylic

As we mentioned before, the best part about wood is that it blends with anything. Because of such versatility, you can use wood with virtually any material out there. Acrylic is transparent, colorful, classy, elegant, and when you combine it with wood, it becomes timeless.
There are many vibrant and colorful acrylic options you can choose from that will offer a clear, solid, or frosted design. You can combine these two materials to create a unique finish that will surprise visitors in your office. You can use this combination for all aspects and corners of your office décor,

Wood And Vinyl Lettering

Are you looking to create a moody yet elegant space in your office? If you are, then using wood with vinyl lettering is the best option for you, especially if you have a large working space. You can use a wooden plaque and put vinyl lettering on top to relay the information you need.
When opting for this combination, it is crucial to have wood that is polished well. If it is not, the wooden plaque will not hold the vinyl lettering for a long time. You can also apply vinyl lettering to acrylic and then screw the piece on a wooden plaque.
If you want to add a wow factor to the working space and create a vibrant feel, then this is the best material combination to use. It will be worth your money and last a long time to come. Your staff and visitors will also be impressed by this.

Artificial Grass And Aluminum

Finally, we have artificial grass and aluminum as our last material combination. You might be thinking the combination sounds absurd, but it is one of the best ways to upscale your business signage. The materials will make the signage look bolder and ensure it looks lively.
Artificial grass adds a luxurious and upscale feel that you will not find anywhere else. So, create your traditional aluminum signage and incorporate it with artificial grass. Once you do, you will be blown away by the results, and the signage will dazzle your customers and employees when they enter.

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