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EZM sign is a high-quality custom sign company

With years of experience in the industry, ezm sign company is dedicated to deliver exceptional products and services that meet the unique needs and preferences of our clients. Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor signage, vinyl graphics, illuminated signs, or any other type of sign, we have the expertise, technology, and resources to create exactly what you need. Certainly, you can trust us to bring your brand to life with stunning and impactful signs.

we offer

a variety of materials, colors, shapes, fonts and designs for sign creation.

one stop solution
for signs and graphics

We maintain superior quality  by internally handling the design, manufacturing, and installation of all our products. At EZM SIGN we provide a wide range of custom signs like electrical signs, monument signs, cabinet signs, neon signs and more. Furthermore, EZM SIGN is committed to providing maintenance and repair services, ensuring our clients’ signs remain in pristine condition.

complete project management and sign services

We offer a range of services, such as design consultation, 3D rendering, permit services, engineering services, and maintenance. Regardless of your product selection, our team of seasoned professionals ensures it aligns with your aesthetic and functional requirements. With our extensive experience in sign fabrication and installation, you can rely on EZM SIGN company to expertly complete the job!

our projects

“with a team of experienced designers, sign fabricators and installers ezm sign is poised to offer high-quality customized signs and graphics that will set clients apart from their competition”

our 4 steps process

1. initial consultation

During our first meeting, we do our best to gain an understanding of your business’s unique needs. From your initial idea to any space or budget restrictions you’re facing, this allows us to develop a customized plan for your sign. Of course, we’re happy to meet you on-site or at our production warehouse.

2. sign design &
project management

Every client is provided with a dedicated account manager. As a result we will inform you of every step of the process. Ultimately, we aim to make your experience hassle-free from consultation to completion.

3. production

Every sign we fabricate is designed in-house by our team of graphic artists. From there, it moves on to our expert production team, who create it to each client’s exact specifications. 

4. installation & maintenance

Once your sign is ready, a member of our team will contact you so that we can make arrangements for installation. Following installation, we will provide you with ongoing service and maintenance to ensure your sign continues to shine like a beacon for your brand