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The Ultimate Guide To College Signage


Signage is one of the best ways to increase brand visibility. They also have a long-lasting impression on the audience. That is why using signs for your business can help you stand out in the crowd.
One of the most extensive uses of signages is conducted by schools and colleges. That is because they help in promotion and have a positive impression on parents and students. So if you’re a college owner wanting to get signage, you’ve come to the right place.
Here is a comprehensive guide about college signage that can help you decide which sign to get.

College Signage: Introduction

College signs can be installed outside the campus building as well as inside. The outdoor signs are mainly used to attract people and enhance the college’s reputation. Meanwhile in indoor signs are used prominently for guiding people in the right direction.
Below is everything you need to know about the various exterior and interior signages.

Types Of Outdoor Signage

There are many signs that you can apply on your campus exterior. Here are some of the types you can get based on the location:

Rooftop Signs

One of the best ways colleges can gain visibility is by getting a rooftop sign. This is a design in which the name of your institute is put on your roof. Huge alphabet blocks are firmly installed on the rooftop of your campus building.
The channel letters create a long-lasting impression on students and faculty alike. Not only that, but the size makes the logo visible to passing by individuals. Besides that, if LED lights are incorporated with the sign, your building can also stand out during the night.

Ground Signage

There are two types of signage that you can use on the ground:
Monument Signs
These are structures made out of masonry, wood, or other materials. It is directly placed on grassy ground and cannot be moved or destroyed easily. That is because the construction is solid, and the sign is heavy.
The Monument Signs are usually used at the entrance of the college and spells out the institute name. They are highly effective for boosting brand visibility and enhances the beauty of the campus. The best part is that these signs can be tailor-made to suit your college exterior.
Pylon Signs
A pylon sign resembles a board with the institute name. They come with two feet and are raised above the ground. Their height is one of the things that can grab attention.
This sign can also be used to guide people. Instead of the name, it can have directions printed too. For example, many colleges use pylon signs to help students find their way into the campus.

Front Entrance Signs

Leaving the front side of your building is not a wise decision. That is because you’ll be missing out on a marketing opportunity. Architectural signage above the front door can be effective at having a positive impression.
However, the most impact at the front is created by skyscraper signs. This sign includes the installation of your institute logo or name at the top wall of the building. It also adds essence to your facility and makes it look more attractive.

Types Of Indoor Signage

Exterior designs are effective in grabbing attention and bringing potential students inside. However, the indoor signs are the most helpful and can assist you in achieving the satisfaction of your prospective students. Here are the types of signs that you can get installed inside your college building:

Reception/Entrance Signs

One of the first areas that students come across inside the campus building is the reception space. Having direction signs in the corridor shows your competence and can help the students feel more welcomed. They also give the lobby a cleaner and attractive look.
Besides that, instead of having an empty wall, a giant logo in the reception area is a good marketing opportunity. For example, you can take faculty or student pictures with the logo serving as the background. These can be posted on social platforms and your website to promote the institute.

Hallway Signs

Leaving your college hallways empty can make the building unappealing for the students. But colored signage on the walls gives the interior a pleasant design. It can also help you immensely when giving a campus tour to prospective students and their parents.
In fact, a good interior is effective at gaining the parents’ attention and their approval.

Direction Signs

One of the fears of new students is getting lost on the first day of their college. That is because many buildings don’t have proper guidance signs. That is why using signage for directing students can help your institute stand out.
The wayfinding signage is usually installed as a thin board with directions hanging from the roof. It can also be mounted on the walls. The best thing about signage is that there are unlimited ways you can use and install them.

Why Is College Signage Important?

There are many uses of college signage. Here are some of them to help you understand the purpose of signs:

Brands The Institute

One of the most important uses of college signage is branding. You can customize the sign to resemble your institute’s colors. You can also place the sign near the road to campus.
Thus, signage can boost your brand visibility effortlessly. Besides that, it can attract new students. Not only students but signage can also help you with hiring qualified faculty members.

They are Informative

The only purpose of signage is not to get the institute name printed. Instead, you can get any information on the material. For example, direction signs help guide people.
Besides that, safety signs can be placed on the campus wherever required. This can help prevent accidents. Signage can also inform students about the restricted area they shouldn’t enter. Thus, it is an effective and attractive way to increase awareness about campus rules.

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