Wayfinding or directional signage is one of the most important aspects of any private or public space. People need guidance, especially when they are in that space for the first time. Such signage offers comfort to people as they can easily find their way around.
Of course, the signage can also be used to enhance your brand image. Here is everything you need to know about directional signage usage by placement and industry.

Directional Signage Usage By Placement

You can place directional signage in many spaces as they can adapt to any environment. To make the most of it, you have to select the appropriate materials and positioning placement. Here is the top placement usage of directional signs:

Interior Signage

Placing directional signage inside your building or space is a no-brainer. Doing this allows people to feel more comfortable and enhances the reliability of your brand. Such signage is functional, and you can make it as aesthetic as you need to guarantee it is pleasing to the eyes.
You can use interior signage to provide directions, designate rooms, offer information, and much more. All you have to do is make it consistent with your branding to get the most out of it.

Outdoor Signage

The function of outdoor directional signage is the same as interior signs. However, outdoor signage is bigger to guarantee to catch the attention of people passing by. Such signage also needs to be more appealing than interior signs to attract more customers.
The best way to make the most of this sign is to have it right outside your building. It will enhance your street visibility and guarantee that people remember your business whenever they pass by. Besides that, people using the same building each day will also become more familiar with your brand.

Customized Directional Signage

The best way to make use of your directional signage is to customize it both indoors and outdoors. The design you choose will blend your space in a functional and visually appealing manner in no time. That is because your visitors can use the signs to find their way instead of asking other people.
In the long run, it enhances overall customer satisfaction and improves the trust and reliability people have in your brand. You can get unique designs depending on your branding and much more. EZM Sign provides the best customized directional signage to businesses out there.

Materials Used

The materials used also affect the placement of directional signage. Here are the most common materials you can choose from:

  •  PVC: Ideal for exterior and interior usage
  • Acrylic: Ideal for outdoor signage
  • Foam Core: Ideal for exterior and interior usage
  • Wooden: Best for outdoor usage
  • And much more

Once you opt for EZM SIGN and set out your directional signage requirements, we will guide you on the best materials to use. It is a critical decision that affects the durability of the signage.

Industry-Based Usage Of Directional Signage

Here are some of the top industries that use directional signage:


Airports are vast, and it can be easy to get lost in them. That is why directional signage is a lifeline when it comes to the operations of an airport. They allow people to find their way and enhance the safety of the airport.
It is critical to place directional signage in all key areas of the airport to enhance the experience of people. If people can’t find their way, the consequences will be drastic as they might miss flights, which will cost them more money and time. That is why a proper navigation system such as airport signage can solve these problems.


Of course, another place where directional sign is a matter of life and death, is hospitals. They tend to be chaotic, overwhelming, and hectic, which is why finding a way needs to be hassle-free. The signage guides the busy doctors, staff, visitors, patients, and many other people.
Because of the pandemic, directional signage in hospitals has become even more important. Patients of the virus need to seek care without infecting other people, which is why they need to be directed where to go.

Educational Institutes

Educational institutes such as college campuses, schools, and universities are vast, which is why people need to find their way around. Visitors, faculty, students, and many other people need to be guided on where to go with the help of the signage. These signs are one of the key elements, especially for newbies who don’t know their way around the campus.
The signage helps new people integrate seamlessly into the campus and guarantees they feel more comfortable. Directional signage helps them find educational facilities on campus and understand what facility is located in which place.

Event Signage

If you are part of an enormous business trade show or event, you will need the right signage to create a flow at the event. The primary aim of using them at business events is to make people feel comfortable and create harmony within the event. They are also used to reduce foot traffic in one place and help people navigate the space.
The most exciting part is that you can use such signage to enhance your brand image with the most creative symbols, signs, and designs. Customized directional signs will draw more attention to your area of the event and entice people to visit. It is a great marketing and functional tool for any business event.

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