While many businesses use conventional and static signage, it is also essential to keep up with the times through digital signage. However, the one that is better for your business will be the one that meets your brand style and aesthetics. So, how do you know which signage is right for your brand?
Well, if you are wondering the same thing, you are in the right place. Here is everything you need to know about Digital Vs. Static Signage.

The Basics Of Digital And Static Signage

Before we delve into how they are different from each other, here are the basics of these signage options:

Digital Signage Explained

Digital signage is the solution of the future, and that future is here and now. It includes an electronic display that can be manufactured in various sizes to advertise through animation, text, audio, video walls, and streaming media. The best part about this signage solution is that the content can be changed, and you can include anything you like.
If you are a tech-savvy business, digital signage will help you enhance your brand image and retain your customers. Keep in mind that digital signage costs more than static signage, and it may not be ideal for every business. That is why it is best to assess your demographics and brand before making an informed decision.

Static Signage Explained

Static signage is a conventional signage solution, but it is widely used for indoor and outdoor signage. The most common forms of static signage include banners, billboards, car wraps, light-up signs, and much more. They are more affordable than digital signage and offer versatility to brands.
Of course, the most exciting part about static signage is that it creates consistency when it comes to your branding. Keep in mind that static signage is the backbone of any business. Digital signage is always used to complement static signage.

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Digital Vs. Static Signage: Factors To Consider

Here are the top factors you need to consider when deciding which signage solution to choose:


All businesses understand the importance of outdoor static signage as a marketing tool. The art of creating the proper signage is to incorporate effective communication, color philosophy, and much more. The visual appeal of such signage is high, and it can be used for various purposes.
On the other hand, digital signage appears more aesthetic and will easily capture the attention of passersby. They are also used to influence the purchasing decisions of customers. The one you choose according to appearance will depend on what you need.
If you want an eye-catching sign, then static signage can also do wonders when it is designed by a professional. On the other hand, if you target a young demographic, then the appearance of digital signage will attract their attention more easily.


The cost of signage can make or break your decision, which is why it is ideal to keep a budget beforehand to choose the perfect signage solution for your business. Static signage is relatively less expensive than digital signage, and it requires little or no maintenance, which means no additional cost.
On the other hand, digital signage will offer a high ROI when you rent them on use for ad campaigns. However, digital signs are expensive, and they require maintenance from time to time, which adds to the cost. If you have a stringent budget, you can opt for static signage and then move to digital signage when you have more funds to spend.


The effectiveness of the signage solution will depend on the design and your brand. For example, if your brand is known for being conventional, a digital signage solution may throw your message off, as your audience will be confused. On the other hand, if you target the young population, a static sign might be too dull for them.
Besides that, you also need to do thorough research on your demographic and understand the signage solutions that captivate them the most. There is no right or wrong answer here because many factors affect the efficiency of your signage. Your customers are the backbone of your business, which is why their signage preferences should be your top priority in gauging effectiveness.


If you want to market in your local area, then static signage is the best solution as it effortlessly helps you reach your target audience. The best part is that static signage complements the existing space and blends in with the architectural elements of the space. Such signage can be created in any size, design, and shape to complement the space where it will be mounted.
On the other hand, digital signage provides unlimited space for you to get creative, as you can use advanced software for video content and multiple messages. You can use such a sign to run an advertising campaign no matter what day or time it is. The space on the signage will give you new ways to interact with your consumers and create more engagement.
Keep in mind that you can’t keep changing the content of static signage, which is why it will need to be updated if any information has changed. So, if there is outdated information or misprints on it, you will need to get it made again. Such a problem will not be incurred with digital signage.

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