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These signs are a great way to make your business more visible and make it stand out. We typically mount and install them on the side of a building or structure, and they project outward from the wall. This projection from the wall, allowing for more visibility than regular signs. This type of sign can be customized to fit any size and shape, making them perfect for prominent display in any location. Installing projecting signage requires careful planning, but with the right tools, it's possible to securely mount them onto walls or other structures quickly and easily.

projecting sign on the wall

types of projecting signs?

EZM SIGN is well-equipped to offer a variety of projecting sign solutions tailored to environment, placement and purpose. We offer illuminated and non-illuminated options – from neon lettering/decorations that mount directly on the surface all the way to graphics displayed in double sided panels with brackets. Different shapes and form are also available as well as we can compliment your sign with acrylic letters, prints or metal finish. With our dedicated team of professionals, any idea you conceive can be brought into reality.

what are projecting signs made of?

These signs have a strong and durable construction, made from high-grade aluminum or steel. For an extra creative touch, you can incorporate other materials like acrylic, wood or PVC. We apply  special coating during production which will protect against any outdoor wear and tear over time. Plus you have the option of internal illumination – perfect if your sign needs some nighttime sparkle. Our team can install something as cool as neon for maximum style points!

use of projecting signs?

Projecting signage makes a business or organization more visible. They project outward from the wall, allowing for more visibility than regular signs, and they can also be installed at different heights to give passersby a better view of the sign. Furthermore, projecting signs allow for additional customization options since they can be made in any size and shape. This makes them ideal for promotional campaigns or highlighting specific messages.

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Well-designed projecting signage will be great adding to your business. It is a very popular choice when it comes to catch attention of potential customers and in heavy crowded places like plazas or malls. Advantages of non illuminated signs are that it can be any shape and size and it does not require any power to it, which means it could be installed in any location and will help save some money on the cost.

projecting sign


Illuminated projecting signage is another option to choose in case outside of your place is dark during night hours. Well design signs will not only attract more people but also will be a great design adding to your brand. A very common option of Illuminated signs made out of two acrylic faces on each side and aluminum can with LED system inside. Acrylic faces have vinyl decal of any kind or digital print applied on the top of the surfaces.


Projecting signage have brackets which we use to attach to different kind of surfaces, this is why we call it projecting sign. Custom bracket can help to install projecting sign almost to any part of the building or surface. Before production we request engineering calculations in order to be sure that our sign is safe and meet all requirements.


A blade sign is one of those signs that are protruding out of the wall. We do not use any bracket, which makes the blade sign sit flat with the wall, instead we attach the blade sign through its structure with additional reinforcements. That’s what makes blade signs stand out, because they are very hard to miss and are able to catch at least one glance from anyone that is walking or driving nearby.

trimless projecting sign

This option has no trim cap that holds the acrylic face in place. Instead we cut Thicker acrylic in a special way so part of it goes inside the aluminum can and is used as a bracing. This gives a modern and seamless look to the sign.

projecting sign

push-thru projecting sign

This is a modern style projecting signage with push thru letters. We cut aluminum surface and place acrylic letters through our cut and create a dimensional look of the letters. Only acrylic pieces that are sticking out from the surface have illumination.

blade sign with neon

These signs with neon is our all time favorite type of sign. This iconic style of the sign will make a great impression on any walking by person and will outstand any other sign. It has a great look during the night and it is visible from far far away.

blade sign

helpful tips for projecting signs

Creating impactful projecting signs involves specific considerations

1. Strategic Placement:

Choose a location that maximizes visibility and catches the attention of passersby. Consider foot traffic patterns and ensure the sign is easily seen from multiple angles.

2. Size and Scale

Balance the size of the sign with its surroundings. Ensure it’s large enough to be seen but not overwhelming for the space.

3. Regulatory Compliance:

Check local regulations and obtain necessary permits before installing projecting signs, considering any restrictions on size, height, or placement.

4. Professional Installation:

Hire professionals for installation to ensure proper mounting and stability, adhering to safety standards.

Final word

Projecting signs are a great way to make a business or organization more visible, and they offer many customization options. With their strength and durability, these signs can last for years while still maintaining their high-quality look.

EZM SIN has had great success in providing these types of signage services. Our team of professionals can make almost any vision come alive no matter what size or shape you have in mind! So let us help you light up the night!

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