monument SIGNS

These signs are a type of outdoor signage and typically used by businesses, organizations, or landmark sites to identify their locations. Monument signs come in all shapes and sizes, but one of the most common features is that we mount them on a large post or tall base. This makes them an ideal choice for adding a big impact to any location.

Give your visitors an unforgettable first impression with a Monument Sign from our top-notch professionals! Our modern and elegant designs are sure to become the highlight of any public space. Choose between endless combinations of colors, patterns, and materials – both customizable or off the shelf – to make these spectacular signs stand out in all their glory. Your customers won’t be able to resist admiring your business establishment for its creative flair as well as for such stylish signage solutions.

monument signs

uses of monument signs

Monument signs are an effective way of communicating key information about your business, such as its name, address, and hours of operation. These outdoor signs can also provide direction to a specific location or draw attention to a landmark. Monument signs offer a unique way to attract customers and create brand awareness in the community. They are also highly visible from far away, making them great for directional signage. In addition, monument signs are typically made from durable materials that are resistant to harsh weather conditions. All things considered, this type of signs ensure long-term stability and value for businesses.

what are monument signs made of ?

We fabricate monument signs from materials that are durable, weather resistant, and aesthetically pleasing. Materials for these signs include aluminum, wood, brick, glass, stucco, stone, and other composite materials. Aluminum is lightweight yet resilient against corrosion and can be shaped into custom designs. Wood is also popular for its aesthetic appeal but requires more upkeep to protect it from the elements. Brick adds classic charm while glass lends an upscale touch with its transparency. Stone is often used in high-end residential developments as well as commercial applications due to its visual impact and weighty presence – though large stone monuments require extra engineering considerations when being installed! Composite materials such as lightweight faux stone offer the same look but with lighter weight construction that may make installation easier in some cases.

illuminated monument signs

Monument signs are usually illuminated for better visibility at night or in low-light conditions. While light bulbs were once the standard for illumination, LED modules have become increasingly popular due to its superior energy efficiency over traditional lighting solutions. Illumination options range from subtle backlighting to bright spotlights depending on your application needs. They can also be posted in one color scheme or multiple colors to match your branding scheme. If you’re looking for something extra special you could even add interactive elements like motion sensors that change sign colors when people pass by!

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illuminated monument sign​

Illuminated monument signs are the perfect way to attract attention and show off your brand! These eye-catching, sleek designs consist of a concrete base, aluminum structure/box and polycarbonate panels with graphics. The great part? When you need to switch things up on short notice – like updating your company name or logo - simply replace the panel responsible for displaying it without changing out the entire sign. It's an effortless solution that offers maximum visibility every single time!

illuminated monument sign
non illuminated monument sign​

non illuminated monument sign​

Our non-illuminated monument signs are the perfect option if you’re looking for a cost effective alternative. These creative designs feature special details that stand out even without light – like reflective materials or eye catching highlights! And in certain cases, street lights and spotlights give off enough of an illuminated glow to make these lovely signs look almost just as good as their luminous counterparts.

directory monument sign​

Eye-catching signs are a helpful landmark for individuals to get where they need to be. Whether it's hopping from store-to-store in the mall, finding their way around a new business center, or searching out that hidden neighborhood gem. These directional delights make navigating unknown destinations easier and can help lead you away from any potential misadventures!

non illuminated monument sign​

custom monument sign​

Our team goes to great lengths when crafting monument signs. We only use the highest quality materials such as wood, brick, concrete and stone – no settling for second best! Every design is unique with an eye-catching pattern that's sure to bring attention of those passing by and effectively communicate its message. And don't worry - these works of art are built tough enough to resist whatever Mother Nature or time can throw at them!

monument signs with routed out letters

Illuminate the design with specialized cutting and creative lighting. Our team will route out any elements on a metal surface. Then add an acrylic piece behind it to provide illumination of the cut part. All pieces are customizable from 3M stickers in your choice of color or translucent graphics for that unique look.

monument signs with routed out letters
monument signs with push-thru letters

monument signs with push-thru letters​

Want to add an exciting, modern touch to your monument sign? This innovative approach utilizes a combination of metal and acrylic with 3M vinyl. Customizable dimensions give you the flexibility you need - creating dimension on any surface for a stylishly elegant look.

helpful tips for monument signs

monument signs are substantial elements for establishing a strong presence and providing information

1. Location and Placement:

Choose a strategic location that allows easy visibility from a distance and consider the surrounding landscape and architecture to ensure it stands out without obstructing views or traffic flow.

2. Design and Branding:

Emphasize your brand elements—logo, colors, fonts—ensuring they are well represented and easily recognizable. Simplicity often works well for readability.

3. Material Selection:

Opt for durable materials that withstand weather conditions and complement the aesthetic of your surroundings. Stone, brick, concrete, or metal are common choices for a lasting monument.

4. Compliance and Permits:

Check local regulations and obtain necessary permits before installation, considering height restrictions, setback requirements, and zoning laws.

Final word

In conclusion monument signs have become increasingly popular in recent years because of their attractive appearance and excellent durability. As a bonus, ease of installation regardless of climate or geographical location! With so many different material options available there’s no doubt that you will find the perfect solution for identifying your business location or landmark site with this eye catching form of signage today!

EZM SIGN specializes in creating custom signage solutions that deliver big impressions to make a lasting impression on your business. Let's craft something special together - contact us today and get ready for your unique message to reach the masses!

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