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monument signs

Monument signs are installed mostly at local, public locations like hospitals, academic institutions, trade centers, marketplaces, etc. So they have to be built in a unique, modern, and classy manner. We offer a wide range of design plans to our customers with countless choices of colors, patterns, and materials like wood, stones, bricks, masonry, etc.

illuminated monument sign

Monument signs with internally illumination consist of concrete base, aluminum structure/box and polycarbonate panels with applied graphics. Big advantage of this type is that the panel with the logo can be replaced with a new company name, without changing the monument sign completely. These types of monument signs have great visibility and do a great job in attracting passers-by.

non illuminated monument sign

It is often when there is no possibility to bring the power to the monument sign or it is very expensive to do. In this situation we offer a non illuminated monument sign with special design and details. Sometimes we can use reflective materials in our sign to highlight some elements. In some cases there is a good street light or spot lights that allow the use of non illuminated signs and still get all benefits of any other type of monument signs with illumination.

directory monument sign

They are typically created to be installed at public, well-renowned places like shopping centers, health care facilities, etc. and are also placed at business centers, communities, neighborhoods, and venues. So the sole purpose of these eye-catching signs is to give individuals accurate directions so that they may reach their destination without taking any false lead.

Custom monument sign

Whether it is wood, brick, concrete, stone, marble, granite, etc. We make sure that every substance used is authentic and durable in the making of monument signs. We construct them in a way so that they can withstand all sorts of environmental and biological strains. Every design pattern is distinct from one another and is made in such a manner that it is capable of delivering its message successfully to the passersby. 

monument signs
with push-thru letters

In this type of monument signs we cut out the letters and logo on the metal surface and add acrylic pieces through the face to create dimension on the surface. Dimensions of the acrylic can be customized and have 3M vinyl for coloring. Very modern and elegant option to go with.

monument signs
With routed out letters

Similar to the push thru monument sign we routed out any element of the design on the metal surface and apply acrylic picie behind it in order to create illumination of the cut part. Also on acrylic we can have applied 3M stickers of any available colors or translucent graphics.