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This type of sign is essential signage solutions for companies and institutions of all sizes. You can request to install them onto walls, facias, poles or ceiling to grab attention and help you stand out in the crowd. With bright, visible light sources they’re perfect for storefronts and entrances and brighten up both indoor and outdoor spaces. We build our letters from durable materials that will last. Certainly, you can trust your sign will not fade or become obsolete over time. Our company give your signage a professional finish. The range of colors and fonts allow you to customize the look of your sign just how you want it. So put your trust in EZM SIGN when creating an effective branding that won’t go unnoticed.

reverse channel letters

what are channel letters made of?

Our top-of-the-line channel letters come in multiple materials and finishes to suit any situation. Choose from aluminum for superior strength and a range of colors and finishes, like gold, silver, brass etc. Stainless steel letters are famous for its corrosion resistance, or go with our custom acrylic letters. Our PVC channel letters provide an option for indoor use. 


Choose from showcase LEDs for warm colors especially great for window displays; low profile LEDs which generate intensive light over long distances; as well as neon tubes for traditional classic lighting effects both indoors and outdoors. EZM SIGN also offers cost efficiency by running off energy conscious LED illumination – so you can trust that your signage will look great whilst saving significant energy costs too!

where are channel letters used?

They’re ideal for shopping centers, airports, corporate parks, hospitals, universities and stadiums so no matter what the sector you’ll find the right solution with us. Channel letters are custom signage pieces that introduce a phrase, name or logo to your customers. They stand out, providing an eye-catching option for all architectural and interior designs.

Here is the short list of businesses and organizations that use our signs :

Retail stores
Nonprofit organizations
Schools and universities
Banks and credit unions
Corporate offices
Auto dealerships
Shopping malls
Hospitals and medical centers

explore channel letters

front illuminated channel letters

Front-lit letters are illuminated from within and feature a translucent face with back-lighting either directly or indirectly. By lighting the lettering from inside the sign, they become highly visible even in brightly lit areas, making them an ideal choice for storefronts. Front-lit letters are constructed using aluminum or other metal materials, painted with high-grade colored enamels for weather-resistance and long life. LEDs are the last step of installation to provide energy efficiency and ultra bright illumination.

front illuminated signs
back lit letters

back illuminated channel letters

Reverse or back lit letters are designed to be illuminated from the back by projecting light onto a wall or building. We make this letters out of aluminum, stainless steel, or brass and feature an acrylic backing through which the light projects on the wall. Back-lit signage works best in darker environments and is the most energy efficient type of lettering available. Reverse channel letters also come with custom options such as halos, as well as raceways and exposed neon lighting for even greater visibility.

front and back illuminated channel letters

Dual illuminated letters are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a modern and dynamic signage solution. These signs feature an acrylic face in the front, along with a translucent acrylic layer that can be backlit from behind. This combination of lighting creates a halo effect around the lettering. It gives greater visibility and making your brand stand out from the competition. The lights used to illuminate dual lit letters can be LED or neon, allowing you to customize your signage with different colors and fonts. Front and back lit signs are an excellent way to grab attention and make your business unforgettable.

edge lit letter

edge lit channel letters

Edge-lit letters are a unique and eye-catching signage solution for businesses looking to stand out from the competition. These signs feature an aluminum face with a translucent acrylic letter that is lit up from the edges, together with creating a glow around the lettering. This type of signage uses LED edge lighting that you can customized to achieve different looks, depending on your desired effect. Edge-lit letters offer businesses greater visibility and brand recognition, helping them stand out from their competitors. With their sleek modern look, these signs make for an unforgettable storefront.

open channel letters with neon

Open letters are a popular signage choice for businesses looking for a simple yet effective way to get their message out there. These signs feature an aluminum channel face with cutouts in the lettering that allow light to shine through. This type of signage is generally illuminated by LED bulbs, in fact can also be lit with neon lighting as well. Open letters give businesses a great way to make sure their brand is seen and remembered, not mention still keeping things simple and modern. With its classic style and modern look, open channel letters will help your business stand out from the competition.

neon channel letters

trim-less channel letters

Trim-less letters are a great option for businesses that want to make a big impression without drawing too much attention to themselves. These signs feature an aluminum can with LED modules installed inside the can. This letters have thick acrylic on the front side, installed without using a trim cap. With that in mind it creates a modern look that won’t distract from the overall design of the storefront. Trim-less letters create a smooth and consistent glow along each letter, giving businesses greater visibility and brand recognition. As a result , with their sleek and professional look, this type of channel letters will help your business stand out from the competition.

helpful tips for channel letter signs

Creating effective channel letter signs involves attention to design, visibility, and installation.

1. Visibility and Legibility:

Ensure the font, size, and spacing of the letters are optimized for visibility and readability from various distances and angles. This is crucial for the effectiveness of the sign, especially from a distance or in varying lighting conditions.

2. Material Quality:

Choose durable materials for the fabrication of channel letters, such as aluminum, acrylic, or other high-quality metals and plastics. These materials offer longevity and withstand weather elements, ensuring the sign remains in good condition over time.

3. Illumination Options:

Decide on the type of illumination – whether front-lit, back-lit, or a combination of both (halo-lit). LED lighting is commonly used due to its energy efficiency, brightness, and longevity. Select the illumination style that best complements your brand and ensures optimal visibility.

4. Installation and Placement:

Plan the installation carefully, considering the building’s architecture and surroundings. Ensure they are strategically placed for maximum visibility without obstruction. Professional installation is often recommended for safety and precision.

5. Compliance with Regulations:

Familiarize yourself with local zoning and signage regulations to ensure compliance with size, lighting, and placement requirements. Adhering to these regulations prevents potential issues with authorities in the future.

6. Brand Consistency:

Ensure that the design, colors, and style of the channel letters align with your brand identity for cohesive and recognizable branding.

Final word

At EZM SIGN, our professionals will work with you to create the exact design of channel letters that suit your needs best. We understand how important it is for businesses to have signs that stand out from the competition. So we take extra steps to ensure accuracy in our letter cutting and spacing. Eventually, that resulting in an attractive appearance that projects professionalism. Our leading sign-making techniques also provide superior durability. Additionally, allowing you to use your channel letters for years before needing a replacement!

If your business is looking for signage solutions that make a lasting impact in a classic way, consider EZM SIGN. Contact us today and let’s start bringing your unique message to life!

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