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channel letters

Almost every business makes use of different kind of channel lettering. Some of the most commonly opted forms of it are front-lit channel letters, reverse channel letters, edge lit channel letters, open channel letters and more. Our team will be happy to help you choose the right option for you.  

Front illuminated
channel letters

When it comes to the illusion of the letters, nothing looks better than front-lit letters. These are the most basic and extremely flattering when it comes to the selection of letters. You will find these displayed for a multitude of outlets. The best thing about this type of letters is visibility. 

back illuminated
channel letters

Very popular option that adds a literal glow to you sign as it offers you a halo effect. Many businesses make use of this type of letter to emphasize their logos or business name. It surely catches the eye of anyone who’s nearby since it offers a unique look to your business. 

Front and back illuminated channel letters

If you’re looking for something specific that would give you a fancy effect, then front-lit and back-lit letters are the way to go. Here, you will find two things happening in one go. So, essentially, you will see a common variation of front-lit letters being used. But here comes to fancy bit, you also get to make use of the halo-lit.

Edge lit channel letters

Edge lit channel letters produce a very halo-like effect around the sign that they are present on. That is the reason that they are one of the most popular choice of design for signs among our customers. The halo effect produced by the light on the edges of the letters also gives it a 3D effect, like a floating sign. At night, it looks especially beautiful if you choose to go with bright and neon colors for the letters.

Open channel letters
with neon

When it comes to the appearance, the open channel letter gives you a neon effect. Here, there’s the use of neon lights as opposed to LED lights in a typical front-lit letter. So, what you get is a unique work of lights. Neon lights are placed on the face of the sign that is then put up on display. It proves to be quite a catchy look to a business sign and we make sure to give you the most perfect version of it. 

trimless channel letters

If you’re looking for a cleaner and much more sophisticated sign option, then a trimless channel letter is your best bet. The trimless channel letters offer businesses a unique and sleek design to create their business signs. It is highly recommended to get this done if you’re looking for an effective style for your business sign. It will make your business look up to date with the trends and ensures that you attract more people through your business sign.