Barber Signs

Barber signs represent tradition, style, and expertise in grooming. They feature classic elements like the iconic barber pole and vintage-inspired typography. These signs combine tradition with modern design to appeal to diverse clients. With options like personalized logos and LED lighting, they capture each barbershop's unique brand. They attract customers and create a welcoming atmosphere.

barber signs

Barber signs description

Barber signs symbolize classic grooming places, reflecting tradition and skill in hair care. They feature elements like the iconic barber pole, vintage typography, and imagery of traditional grooming tools, creating a nostalgic yet inviting look. These signs are crucial for attracting customers and creating a welcoming vibe. With their sturdy build and standout designs, they ensure visibility in busy urban areas, reflecting the professionalism of the barbers.

Whether adorned with intricate details or minimalist elegance, these signs invite patrons to experience the timeless artistry of a traditional grooming experience.

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“Barber signs aren’t merely images; they encapsulate the depth and dimension of a brand, projecting its character into the world.”

Here are some specific applications of Barber Signs

These applications showcase the versatility and impact of barber signs and letters across diverse settings, contributing to brand visibility, wayfinding, aesthetic appeal, and effective communication.

Store Signage

Bold and eye-catching signs placed outside the barber shop, attracting potential customers passing by.

Interior Wall Signage

Decorative signs within the barber shop, enhancing the ambiance and reinforcing the brand identity.

Wayfinding and Directional Signs

Signs guiding customers to different areas within the barber shop, such as waiting areas, restrooms, or specific service stations.

Menu Boards

Signs displaying available services, prices, and special offers, helping customers make informed decisions.

Window Decals

Vinyl decals on windows promoting services or displaying the barber shop’s logo and contact information.

A-Frame Signs

Portable signs placed on sidewalks or near the entrance, promoting special deals or events to passersby.

Neon Signs

Vibrant and illuminated signs adding a retro touch and attracting attention, especially during evening hours.

Street Banners

Large banners hung outside the barber shop, announcing grand openings, promotions, or seasonal greetings to the community

types of Barber Signs

Each type of Barber Signs has its unique characteristics, offering different aesthetics, durability, and applications. The choice often depends on factors such as the desired look, environment, durability requirements, and budget considerations.

Traditional Barber Poles

Traditional barber poles are iconic symbols of barber shops, known for their rotating design and vibrant colors. Adorned with red, white, and blue stripes, they've represented barbering services for centuries. Positioned outside, they beckon passersby, inviting them inside. With their historical significance and classic look, they evoke nostalgia and authenticity, adding charm to the barber shop.

Traditional Barber Poles

Characteristics of Traditional Barber Poles include:

Eye-catching Design

Traditional barber poles feature a distinct design with rotating stripes in red, white, and blue, drawing attention to the barber shop.

Symbol of Tradition

These poles symbolize the rich history and heritage of barbering, reflecting the longstanding traditions of the profession.

Iconic Appearance

With their instantly recognizable appearance, traditional barber poles create a sense of nostalgia and authenticity.

Outdoor Visibility

Positioned outside barber shops, these poles serve as prominent markers, making the establishment easily identifiable to passersby.

Inviting Atmosphere

 The presence of a traditional barber pole conveys a welcoming and inviting atmosphere, encouraging customers to enter and experience the services offered.

Cultural Significance

Beyond their practical function, traditional barber poles hold cultural significance, representing a time-honored profession deeply ingrained in communities

back lit acrylic logo signs

LED Barber Shop Signs

LED barber shop signs offer a modern twist on traditional signage, utilizing vibrant LED lighting to create eye-catching displays. These signs feature illuminated lettering, logos, or images, ensuring visibility both day and night. With customizable options, barber shop owners can personalize their LED signs to reflect their brand identity and style. LED technology provides energy-efficient lighting solutions, reducing operational costs while maintaining bright and vivid displays. Whether mounted on storefronts or as interior decorations, LED barber shop signs add a contemporary touch to the establishment, attracting customers and enhancing the overall ambiance.

key features of LED Barber Shop Signs include:

Illuminated Visibility

LED barber shop signs offer bright and vibrant illumination, ensuring visibility and attracting customers both day and night.

Customizable Design

These signs can be customized with various fonts, colors, and graphics to reflect the unique brand identity and style of the barber shop.

Energy Efficiency

LED technology provides energy-efficient lighting solutions, reducing operational costs and environmental impact.


 LED lights have a longer lifespan compared to traditional lighting options, resulting in reduced maintenance and replacement costs.

Modern Aesthetic

LED barber shop signs add a contemporary touch to the establishment, enhancing its overall appearance and ambiance

Vintage Barber Signs

Vintage barber signs evoke nostalgia and charm, capturing the essence of traditional barbershops. These signs often feature classic designs, such as retro fonts, intricate illustrations, and vibrant colors, reminiscent of a bygone era. With their weathered appearance and antique aesthetic, vintage barber signs create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, inviting customers to step into a world of timeless grooming traditions. Whether mounted on storefronts or displayed within the barbershop, these signs serve as nostalgic landmarks, symbolizing craftsmanship, heritage, and community connection.

open channel letters with light bulbs

key features of Vintage Barber Signs include:

Nostalgic Design

These typically feature retro fonts, classic illustrations, and traditional color schemes, evoking nostalgia for the golden age of barbershops.

Weathered Appearance

These signs often have a distressed or aged look, with faded paint, rusted metal, or simulated wear, enhancing their vintage appeal.

Antique Materials

These signs may be crafted from materials like wood, metal, or composite materials, adding to their authentic and antique appearance.

Artistic Detailing

 Intricate detailing, such as hand-painted designs, embossed lettering, or sculpted elements, contributes to the craftsmanship and charm of vintage barber signs.

Timeless Charm
Vintage barber signs exude a timeless charm and sophistication, serving as iconic symbols of traditional grooming practices and community heritage
Custom-Shaped Aluminum Signs

Custom Metal Signs

Custom metal signs offer a durable and versatile solution for businesses and individuals looking to make a lasting impression. Crafted from high-quality metals such as aluminum, steel, or brass, these signs are built to withstand the elements and maintain their integrity over time. Whether for outdoor signage, directional markers, or interior decor, custom metal signs can be tailored to suit specific needs and preferences. With options for custom shapes, sizes, finishes, and designs, businesses can create unique and eye-catching signage that reflects their brand identity and attracts attention. From sleek and modern to rustic and industrial, the versatility of custom metal signs ensures they can complement any aesthetic or environment.

Key characteristics of Custom Metal Signs include:


Custom metal signs are known for their resilience and longevity, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


These signs offer a wide range of customization options, including materials, sizes, shapes, and finishes, allowing businesses to create tailored signage solutions.

Professional Appearance

Metal signs convey a sense of professionalism and sophistication, enhancing the overall image and branding of a business or establishment.

Weather Resistance

Built to withstand various weather conditions, custom metal signs remain unaffected by rain, sunlight, wind, and other environmental factors.

Brand Identity

With customizable design elements such as logos, colors, and fonts, custom metal signs effectively communicate a brand's identity and message to customers and passersby

Wooden Barber Signs

Wooden barber signs offer a classic and rustic look, evoking tradition and craftsmanship. Made from high-quality wood, they add warmth and authenticity to barbershops and salons. With customizable designs and finishes, they match the establishment's branding and style, enhancing its ambiance. Whether showcasing intricate carvings, engraved lettering, or painted motifs, wooden signs create a welcoming atmosphere. Their natural beauty and timeless elegance make them a popular choice for businesses seeking a distinctive presence.

wooden letters sign

key features of Wooden Barber Signs include:

Rustic Charm

These boast a timeless appeal with their rustic and natural look, adding a touch of warmth and character to any barbershop or salon.

Customizable Designs

These signs offer versatility in design, allowing for customized carvings, engravings, and painted motifs that reflect the unique branding and style of the establishment.


Constructed from high-quality wood, wooden barber signs are durable and long-lasting, able to withstand the rigors of daily use and maintain their aesthetic appeal over time.

Nostalgic Atmosphere

With their traditional craftsmanship and vintage-inspired designs, wooden barber signs evoke a sense of nostalgia, creating an inviting atmosphere that resonates with both new and returning customers

Vinyl Window Decals

Vinyl Window Decals

Vinyl window decals offer a versatile and cost-effective solution for businesses to enhance their storefronts and attract customers. These decals can be easily applied to glass surfaces, transforming windows into vibrant displays of branding, promotions, or decorative elements. With their durable vinyl material, these decals are resistant to fading and peeling, ensuring long-lasting visibility and impact. Whether used for showcasing product offerings, announcing sales, or simply adding visual interest to storefronts, vinyl window decals provide businesses with a flexible and eye-catching marketing tool to capture the attention of passersby and drive foot traffic.

Key characteristics of Vinyl Window Decals include:


Vinyl window decals offer versatility in design and application, allowing businesses to create custom graphics, logos, and messages tailored to their branding and promotional needs.


Made from high-quality vinyl material, these decals are durable and weather-resistant, capable of withstanding outdoor elements such as sunlight, rain, and wind without fading or deteriorating.

Easy Application

Vinyl window decals are easy to apply and remove, making them convenient for temporary promotions or seasonal updates. They adhere smoothly to glass surfaces without leaving behind residue or damaging the windows.


Vinyl window decals offer a cost-effective marketing solution compared to traditional signage or advertising methods. They provide high visibility at a relatively low cost, making them suitable for businesses of all sizes and budgets

Customization Options

Businesses can choose from a wide range of colors, shapes, sizes, and finishes to create vinyl window decals that match their brand identity and visual style, ensuring cohesive and effective messaging.

Chalkboard Menu Signs

Chalkboard menu signs offer a charming and customizable way to showcase offerings and specials. Their classic look allows easy updates to menu items, prices, and promotions. Whether in cafes, restaurants, or bars, they create a rustic and inviting atmosphere. They're interactive, letting patrons engage with the menu. Practical for displaying information, they also add character and personality, enhancing the dining experience.

Chalkboard Menu Signs

key features of Chalkboard Menu Signs include:


Chalkboard menu signs allow for easy customization, enabling businesses to update menu items, prices, and promotions as needed.

Rustic Charm

With their classic aesthetic, chalkboard menu signs add a rustic and inviting atmosphere to any establishment, enhancing the overall dining experience.


These signs serve as an interactive element, encouraging patrons to engage with the menu and explore different options.

Handcrafted Appeal

Chalkboard menu signs provide a handcrafted appeal, adding character and personality to the establishment while standing out as unique and memorable

neon sign for company

Neon Barber Signs

Neon barber signs exude vibrant and retro charm, attracting attention with bold colors and glowing illumination. They blend nostalgia with modernity, adding timeless style to barber shops. These signs create a welcoming ambiance, inviting customers to experience traditional grooming services. Whether on storefronts or inside the shop, they serve as iconic landmarks, signaling a haven for grooming enthusiasts seeking quality service and timeless elegance.

Key characteristics of Neon Barber Signs include:


These boast vibrant illumination, enhancing visibility both during the day and at night, ensuring they stand out amidst surrounding signage.

Retro Aesthetic

These signs evoke a nostalgic charm, reminiscent of classic barber shops from bygone eras, adding a touch of vintage appeal to modern establishments.

Customization Options

These offer versatility in design, allowing for custom shapes, colors, and lettering to reflect the unique identity and branding of each barbershop.


Constructed from sturdy materials and long-lasting neon tubes, these signs are built to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability.


The bold colors and dynamic illumination of neon signs capture the attention of passersby, effectively drawing them towards the barber shop and generating foot traffic.

Timeless Charm

With their timeless appeal and enduring popularity, neon barber signs continue to be a beloved symbol of traditional grooming services, resonating with customers of all ages

EZM SIGN provides services
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barber sign design

At EZM Sign, our barber signs design service is tailored to your specific needs and branding requirements. our expert designers specialize in creating visually captivating and effective signage solutions using acrylic materials. whether you need signage for your storefront, office, or event, we work closely with you to understand your vision and deliver designs that make a lasting impression.

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barber sign permit

Navigating the regulatory landscape for these signs can be complex, but EZM Signs simplifies the process with our these signs Permit service. Our experienced team handles all the necessary permits and approvals, ensuring compliance with local regulations and expediting the permitting process. With EZM Signs, you can trust that your these signs project will meet all legal requirements and proceed smoothly.

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barber sign installation

When it comes to installing these signs, precision and professionalism are paramount. With EZM Signs' these signs Installation service, you can rest assured that your signage will be installed with care and expertise. Our skilled technicians handle every aspect of the installation process, from site preparation to final placement, ensuring your signs are positioned for maximum impact and visibility.

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barber signs fabrication

Sign fabrication produces custom signage using quality materials and advanced techniques. Our facilities handle various sign types, ensuring durability and visual appeal. We meticulously fabricate signage to meet project needs, delivering high-quality solutions for effective brand promotion.

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barber sign repair

Signs repair services are essential for maintaining the integrity and functionality of signage over time. Our skilled technicians are equipped to address various repair needs, including electrical issues, structural damage, weather-related wear and tear, and more.


EZM SIGN provides Barber Signs services Nationwide

Our sign services span across the nation, offering comprehensive solutions designed to meet diverse signage needs. With a widespread network and a commitment to excellence, we cater to clients from coast to coast, ensuring top-quality signage services regardless of location.

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Barber Signs by industry

Barber Signs find versatile applications across various industries, serving as impactful branding and informative elements. Here's a breakdown of their utilization in different sectors:

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Barber Signs for Barber Shops

Barber Shops

Enhance the ambiance of your barber shop with stylish and eye-catching signs that reflect your brand identity and attract customers.

Barber Signs for Beauty Salons

Beauty Salons

Stand out in the crowded beauty industry with custom barber signs that highlight your salon's unique offerings and services.

Barber Signs for Spas and Wellness Centers

Spas and Wellness Centers

Create a serene and inviting atmosphere with barber signs that convey relaxation and rejuvenation, enticing clients to indulge in your spa services.

Barber Signs for Fashion Boutiques

Fashion Boutiques

Complement your boutique's chic aesthetics with barber signs that exude sophistication and charm, drawing in fashion-forward clientele.

Barber Signs for Grooming Products Stores

Grooming Products Stores

Showcase your grooming products in style with barber signs that reflect the quality and allure of your merchandise, enticing customers to explore your offerings.

Barber Signs for Barbershop Chains

Barbershop Chains

Maintain brand consistency across your barbershop chain with uniform barber signs that reinforce your company's identity and values at every location.

Barber Signs for Men's Clubs and Societies

Men's Clubs and Societies

Add a touch of exclusivity and prestige to your men's club or society with barber signs that embody refinement and sophistication, elevating the member experience.

Barber Signs for Event Venues

Event Venues

Make a statement at your events with barber signs that capture attention and create memorable experiences for attendees, enhancing the overall ambiance and branding.

Barber Signs for Barber Training Academies

Barber Training Academies

Inspire future barbers and professionals in training with barber signs that reflect the excellence and expertise of your academy, setting the stage for a successful career in the industry

materials used in Barber Signs

Barber Signs can be crafted from various materials, each offering unique characteristics and aesthetic appeal. Some common materials used in creating 3D signs include:

1. Wood:

Wooden barber signs offer a classic and rustic look, perfect for traditional barbershops seeking warmth and charm in their signage.

2. Metal:

These provide durability and a modern aesthetic, ideal for contemporary barbershops aiming for a sleek and polished appearance.

3. Acrylic:

These offer versatility and customization options, allowing for vibrant colors and unique designs to showcase the barber’s brand.

4. Vinyl:

Vinyl graphics and decals are used to create detailed designs and graphics on barber signs, offering flexibility and ease of application.

5. Chalkboard:

Chalkboard materials allow for easy customization and changeable messaging, perfect for displaying daily specials or promotions in barber shops.


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