post signs


This type of signs are a popular choice for outdoor and indoor signage. Their simple designs, easy installation and durability make them an ideal choice for both business owners and homeowners. These signs can be made from a variety of materials such as wood, metal, plastic or composite – each offering different advantages in terms of cost, longevity, aesthetic appeal and visibility. They can be used to announce deals, inform customers of services or products, advertise events or simply welcome guests. These signs are also great for providing directions and helping people find their way around large areas like campuses or industrial complexes.

types of post SIGNS

We can divide post signs into two categories: illuminated and non-illuminated. Illuminated post signs use various light sources, such as LEDs or fluorescent bulbs, to make the sign visible in the dark. Non-illuminated post signage are usually made from durable materials such as aluminum, wood or plastic and painted with reflective paint to make them visible at night. Both types of post signs offer a great way to advertise products or services during both day and night hours. Additionally, illuminated signs can be used to create a safe environment by lighting up areas near roads or walkways.

purpose of post SIGNS

Post signs are a great way to advertise products and services, give directions, announce deals or welcome visitors. They provide businesses with an inexpensive and easy to install advertising solution, while also serving as a valuable safety feature. Signs can be placed in front of any business, from restaurants and stores to schools and hospitals. With the right materials and design, post signs can help enhance the look of any property while drawing attention to your business, providing information or increasing visibility at night.

illuminated post signs

Illuminated sign is a simple and effective method of increasing your brand’s access to potential customers or delivering message or promotion of your business. By having a post sign that is visible from far away day and night, vehicles and people that are passing by are likely to notice your brand. This is also why it is important to have an attractive pylon sign that represents your brand perfectly.

non-illuminated post signs

Non-illuminated signs are available in many different design textures, such as metallic, classic, or even wooden. Whether you run a shopping center or a small café, a post sign is likely to help you attract audiences towards your brand since it makes your retail outlet easier to locate.

information sign

Small post signage are a common technique for most organizations or recreational centers that use it to display information about objects, areas or inform visitors about the rules or limitations as well as description of the things or objects with specs and characteristics. This serves as an effective way of delivering information.

directory sign

Directory post signage are also used by multiple businesses, especially if they are situated in busy business streets. These signs help brands direct customers towards them – especially it helps on large territories. People easily can find a direction to the desired department or place by using a directory sign.

post signs

We understand that the needs of different businesses will differ greatly from one another. Which is why we offer a range of different styles. Each post sign EZM SIGN makes with durable materials such as aluminum, vinyl and plexiglass. Other kinds of water-proof material also include coroplast or plastic for areas that are prone to heavy rainfall or snowfall.

post signs

We also offer a portable signs – making it easier for you to decide on a placement location that is appropriate. Most signs we place in high traffic areas or yards, shopping centers or petrol pumps. The main purpose of a post signage is to increase your brand visibility and attract customers from afar.

post signs

Post signs designed by us are available in different sizes. So you can customize your post sign according to the needs of your brand. There is also an option of dual-sided pole printing that allows customers to discover your brand from either side of the pole in a unique manner.

final word

Signs are an essential part of any business, providing both a potential advertising solution and a safety feature. When chosen and designed carefully with the right materials, post signs can help enhance visibility and draw attention to your business while also increasing safety for visitors.

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