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Post signs are outdoor signage structures typically mounted on upright posts or poles, prominently displayed in various settings such as parks, public spaces, along roadsides, or at entrances to private properties. These signs serve multiple purposes, including conveying information, providing directions, indicating landmarks, displaying regulations, or promoting businesses.

These signs are strategically positioned to maximize visibility and guide individuals efficiently. They play a crucial role in public communication, providing essential information or promoting services while contributing to the overall visual landscape of the area. The installation of post signs requires sturdy anchoring to ensure stability and longevity, especially in outdoor settings subject to various weather conditions.

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types of post signs

We can divide post signs into two categories: illuminated and non-illuminated. Illuminated post signs use various light sources, such as LEDs or fluorescent bulbs, to make the sign visible in the dark. Non-illuminated post signage are usually made from durable materials such as aluminum, wood or plastic and painted with reflective paint to make them visible at night. Both types of post signs offer a great way to advertise products or services during both day and night hours. Additionally, illuminated signs can be used to create a safe environment by lighting up areas near roads or walkways.

purpose of post signs

Post signs are a great way to advertise products and services, give directions, announce deals or welcome visitors. They provide businesses with an inexpensive and easy to install advertising solution, while also serving as a valuable safety feature. Signs can be placed in front of any business, from restaurants and stores to schools and hospitals. With the right materials and design, post signs can help enhance the look of any property while drawing attention to your business, providing information or increasing visibility at night.

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Illuminated sign is a simple and effective method of increasing your brand’s access to potential customers or delivering message or promotion of your business. By having a sign that is visible from far away day and night, vehicles and people that are passing by are likely to notice your brand. This is also why it is important to have an attractive sign that represents your brand perfectly.

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Non-illuminated signs are available in many different design textures, such as metallic, classic, or even wooden. Whether you run a shopping center or a small café, a post sign is likely to help you attract audiences towards your brand since it makes your retail outlet easier to locate.

custom signs

We understand that the needs of different businesses will differ greatly from one another. Which is why we offer a range of different styles. Each post sign EZM SIGN makes with durable materials such as aluminum, vinyl and plexiglass. Other kinds of water-proof material also include coroplast or plastic for areas that are prone to heavy rainfall or snowfall.

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post signs

double-sided signs

Post signage designed by us are available in different sizes. So you can customize your sign according to the needs of your brand. There is also an option of dual-sided pole box that allows customers to discover your brand from either side of the pole in a unique manner.

helpful tips for post signs

you can create and install post signs that effectively convey information, represent your brand, and withstand outdoor conditions

1. Post Height and Size:

Determine the appropriate height and size of the post and sign, ensuring visibility from a distance while complementing the surroundings.

2. Branding and Information:

 Incorporate your brand elements, if applicable, and prioritize essential information. Ensure that the message is easily understandable and relevant to the audience.

3. Installation and Stability:

Ensure the post is firmly anchored and stable. Proper installation prevents tilting or instability, maintaining the sign’s visibility and durability.

4. Location Consideration:

Choose a strategic location for the post sign, ensuring it’s easily visible to the intended audience without obstructing views or pathways.

5. Permit and Compliance:

Check local regulations and acquire necessary permits before installing the post sign. Regulations may dictate the height, size, and placement of outdoor signs.

Final word

Signs are an essential part of any business, providing both a potential advertising solution and a safety feature. When chosen and designed carefully with the right materials, post signs can help enhance visibility and draw attention to your business while also increasing safety for visitors.

EZM SIGN is your go-to for long lasting, durable signs of any kind! We have top quality materials and an effortless shopping experience to make sure all of your individual needs are taken care of. Come check us out today!

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