neon signs

neon SIGNS

Signs that are made out of neon are eye-catching and colorful displays made of intricate tubes filled with a gas that produces an electric glow when electricity is passed through it. The effects can be highly varied depending on the type of glass tube used, allowing you to change the size, shape and color of your sign. There are also many types of custom neon signs available, from wall mounted designs to more complex interactive displays. As you can see, there’s a lot of versatility with this sign and it’s easy to find something that fits with whatever project or environment you have in mind. With their vibrant colors and unique designs, our signs will certainly make a statement that people won’t soon forget.

types of neon SIGNS

Neon come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Popular types of neon signs include wall-mounted signs, interactive displays, and store front signs. Wall-mounted designs can feature single or multi-colored tubes with detailed logos or names. Interactive displays often combine multiple colored tubes with animated sequences that create different effects. Storefront signs are typically larger designs with bold visuals and advertising messages. Also, EZM SIGN can design signs to meet the specific requirements of any project.

use of neon SIGNS

Neon signs can be used in a variety of settings and applications. With that been said, they are commonly found in nightclubs, bars, restaurants, retail stores, casinos, hotels and other commercial spaces. Neon are also popular for use in home decor, such as in bedrooms or living rooms. Many businesses take advantage of neon signs to make their premises stand out from the rest and attract more attention. Custom neon signage are also growing in popularity for wedding venues, corporate events and special occasions.


custom neon sign

Well-designed signs will give a creative and unique look to the environment they are placed in. We do custom design and you can select the font, size, color, and style from our unique collection.  It is super easy to handle the signs made by us as they won’t break easily and are safe to touch. The neon signs are a great way to attract anyone towards the sign boards and to read what it says.

Custom neon logo

Our customers love neon and they use them a lot. It is a great way to bring attention with a custom neon sign. Neon signs are a good way of showing the presence of your business and also a good way to bring attention and recognition to your brand. We fabricate signs in any shape and color to meet your requirements and make it unique and special just like your brand.

Company neon logo

Neon logos are one of the best options to make your logo look great. There are many colors to choose from and logos made out of neon always have an advantage during the night. The way neon lit your sign is unique and has its own signature. Color and brightness that neon delivers will make your logo stand out from your competitors.

custom office
neon sign

Isn’t it great to use neon in your office? Yes, it is! Use it as a directory to show a direction to follow to some particular room for example a conference room. Or use neon as identification of the space or simply as a design element that creates a cozy and joyful atmosphere. Any office will look better with neon signs in it. 

neon sign

You can use neon in your apartment or home. Also you can create a special style in the room with neon sign. It spreads the light in a special way and can send a message you like. You can dim a neon and set it to desired brightness. We also can make it in any shape and form so there is no limit for imagination.

channel letters
with neon

Long time neon was used in channel letters and boxes as internal illumination. Nowadays LED replace neon, but we keep using neon in open channel lettering in order to create iconic style signs. Outstanding look and eye-catching effect is guaranteed by this type of lettering.  Neon is exposed in open channel letters and creates great visibility day and night.   

neon sign

Windows are a great spot for your message. And one of the great ways to deliver this message is with Hanging neon signs. These types of signs are very visible during the day and night hours. Usually we install it on clear or black plastic and hung from the ceiling. you can choose between different colors or create a combination of the color in order to make it more unique and visible.

neon sign

Projecting sign is another option to attract the attention of the people passing doors of your business. Projecting signs mostly have two sides and are visible in two directions. They project from the wall and have all kinds of shapes. Neon projecting signs are a great combination of two types of signs that create a sharp look and style.

final word

Neon is a great way to bring the vibrant colors and energy of the nightlife into any space. Their bold visuals and eye-catching designs make them an attractive option for businesses, home decor, and special occasions. Neon signs are budget-friendly, low maintenance, and can be custom-made to meet any requirement. With their versatility and unique appeal, these signs add a beautiful touch of style and personality to any setting.

Make a lasting impression with EZM SIGN’s selection of top notch materials that are built to last! No matter what type of sign you’re looking for, our friendly team is here to help make the process smooth and tailor it just right – so your project can look amazing.

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