Custom signs

custom signs

These signs are a great way for businesses to communicate important information, create brand awareness and attract potential customers. These signs can come in many forms—from banners and yard signs to window decals and building wraps – and all offer unique design opportunities to drive effective advertising campaigns. Choosing the right type of custom sign is essential for getting the most out of an investment – materials should weatherproof, sizes should fit physical space limitations and design should be eye-catching but still legible from a distance. With careful consideration of these factors, custom signage can help make sure your message reaches the widest audience possible!


indoor and outdoor custom signs

With a variety of materials available, businesses have the opportunity to craft visually impressive and impactful marketing tools through custom signs. Rigid aluminum material is ideal for lettering or logos with or without illumination.  Flexible PVC, foamboard or corrugated plastic provide complex shapes suited to outdoor conditions. Mesh banners can maintain optimal image quality! For indoor use, aluminum and acrylic is usually great solution. Vinyl gives a vide opportunity to bring to live any idea you have as well as deliver the message to the public. Get your sign right with the best material option you choose!


use of custom signs

Overall, custom signage provides businesses with an effective way to display their logo or message while creating a unique visual experience and establishing an identity within their community that can last for years. With the right materials and design strategies in place businesses can utilize these tools as marketing assets that will pay dividends well into the future!



complimentary design

To our customers we offer a free design. That means our team will create visualization of the sign and detail description on proposed materials and sizes or customize it the exactly the way you want it. Our expert will give you advice on every detail in order to achieve best result and meet all your expectations. 

Custom interior sign

We understand that every business has something unique. That means there is something special we would like to highlight in our custom signs for each and every client who choose to work with EZM SIGN. Interior sign can be an important part of any business and one of the best ways to make a first impression. There are variety of the signs that are used in interior. For instant, Channel Letters, Cabinet Signs, Dimensional Letters, Decals and more. Some of the signs can be illuminated which definitely bring more attention to it and play well in increasing visibility.

temporary custom signs

EZM SIGN has a solution in any situation and sometimes this solution is a temporary sign. We can fabricate ultra light temporary sign that will serve well as long as you need. Temporary signs can be illuminated and non illuminated. It is great option for the events and celebrations.

portable signs

A-Frame signs are one of the option for portable signs. These signs are not attached to a building or ground but are portable and can be grabbed everywhere around. A-Frame signs can be a great marketing technique as they can be placed wherever you think they will grab the most attention.

event Booth

We built custom booths for many events and shows. So our specialist will be happy advice on the process and give you professional advice on how to make your booth unique and attractive. What colors to use, what sizes of the lettering to chose, we will walk you through all details.

address signs

Custom address sign is a great way to impress your neighbors and family. Sky is the limit and we will be happy to fabricate some outstanding custom address signs you. It can have illumination, be made out of metal, wood, plastic and in any shape and color. 

final word

Custom signs are an essential part of establishing a business’s presence in the community. By leveraging their design and materials, businesses can create one-of-a-kind visuals that will draw the attention of customers and help them stand out from the competition. With proper care and maintenance, these unique custom signs can be reliable tools for marketing for years to come.

Whatever type of sign you are searching for, EZM SIGN’s selection of top quality materials ensures that your project will be long lasting and durable. We strive to provide an effortless shopping experience from start to finish, tailored to meet everyone’s individual needs!


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