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Light boxes and cabinet signs provide businesses a wide range of design opportunities to match any marketing needs. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, one can choose from illuminated and non-illuminated cabinet signs. They come in various materials such as metal, acrylic, PVC and wood - all available in multiple shapes and sizes!

These signs are an important component in any company’s marketing mix and necessary for a successful business. This type of commercial sign is great for businesses both large and small. It’s an effective way to create visibility and attract attention. Highly illuminated, cabinet signs are seen from a great distance, making them an ideal choice for any business that relies on drive-by or impulse traffic. Made of durable materials like metal, they offer lasting performance in whatever the weather conditions.  In addition to their excellent visibility, they also provide extra security at night. With cabinet signs you can easily make a bold statement while conveying your message with clarity and precision. These highly visible commercial signs will get you noticed and help bring customers right to where you want them – your door!

use of cabinet signs and light boxes

Cabinet signs and light boxes are widely used for a variety of purposes, including storefronts, advertising, offices, retail stores, restaurants, museums and galleries, and more. They are a great way to identify your brand and attract customers or visitors while adding sophistication and character to any space. With their eye-catching designs and high-quality materials, cabinet signs or light box can help promote your business in the most professional way possible.

what materials are cabinet signs made of ?

Cabinet signs are typically made out of aluminum, acrylic or PVC. The frames may be constructed from aluminum and the faces from acrylic or vinyl. Depending on the size, shape and design of your sign, you may need other materials such as steel for additional support or weight requirements. Our expert team will work with you one-on-one to choose the best material for your cabinet sign according to your needs and preferences.

electrical or non - electrical cabinet sign

Both types of cabinet signs have their advantages based on specific needs. Electrical signs are effective for 24/7 visibility, especially in areas with lower lighting, while non-electrical signs are a budget-friendly option when constant illumination isn’t necessary. Choosing between them depends on factors such as location, budget, visibility requirements, and the desired visual impact for the intended audience.

explore cabinet & light box signs

REGULAR cabinet sign

The Regular cabinet sign provides a great way to promote your business no matter the time of day. It has a strong aluminum frame, perfect for setting up outside or adorning any room. The acrylic face insert allows you to customize the message you'd like to share within this light box. You can easily slide in any message or graphic with amazing clarity and perfection. Moreover, the internal illumination ensures that everyone can clearly read your message even during night hours! This regular light box is an absolutely perfect way to advertise your business in a stylish, yet efficient way!

regular cabinet sign


The Pan channel light box is the perfect product for those looking to add an impressive lighting display to their business image. Its aluminum, wood, or PVC frame design and acrylic insert ensure that graphics applied onto the light box will be secure and long lasting. The most unique feature about this product is that it can take on many different shapes, such as letters and logos, unlike a regular light box which usually comes in standard shapes like oval, square, round shape or rectangle. This versatile approach will provide businesses with an innovative way to display their message while creating a look that is distinct and memorable.


These unique displays provide a dazzling display of your slogan or menu specials, capturing the look and feel of the retro cinema. Designed to grab attention in any environment. These boxes give you a bright, noteworthy way to get your branding message out there. Perfect for small business owners looking to add a touch of something extra to their lobby or event space. Plus, their light weight and easy set-up make them ideal for busy occasions that require quick installation and breakdown. Make your mark with the Marquee light box – we guarantee it will be unforgettable!

marquee light box
routed out cabinet sign

ROUTED OUT cabinet sign

A routed out cabinet sign is an impressive and professional way to present your brand. Also, crafted from lightweight aluminum and illuminated from within, these signs provide the perfect backdrop for any logo or message you choose to highlight. Our state-of-the-art router ensures that letters and logos are cut precisely, so your sign looks crisp and clean. The LED lighting used inside provides reliable lighting even in low light conditions. With a number of colors available, you can customize the look of your sign to match the specific style of your business. These signs offer a long lifespan and minimal maintenance requirements, helping you keep costs down over time.


Our Push Thru Cabinet Sign is the perfect solution for making your logo or message stand out in style! Crafted from aluminum, this sign can hold up to even the toughest of conditions while delivering brilliant illumination with acrylic letters that slip through precision cuts. Instantly create unforgettable visuals and make a lasting impression with our custom-designed Push Thru Cabinet Sign. Therefor, not only can you achieve remarkable brightness and clarity for your desired design, but its rust-resistant features allow it to last for years to come. Additionally, it’s easy to install in almost any location for convenient visibility.

push through light box

helpful tips for your cabinet signs

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides specific guidelines for the placement of ADA signs

1. Quality of Lighting:

Ensure the lightbox provides uniform and consistent lighting. LED-based lightboxes are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and provide even illumination across the display area.

2. Size and Placement:

Determine the appropriate size of the lightbox based on the intended location and visibility requirements. Consider the available space and ensure the chosen size fits well without overpowering the surroundings. Additionally, plan the placement to maximize visibility and ensure it doesn’t obstruct other important elements.

3. Durability and Materials:

Opt for a lightbox made from durable and weather-resistant materials, especially if it’ll be placed outdoors. Weatherproofing ensures longevity and minimizes maintenance needs.

4. Customization Options:

Look for customization options such as interchangeable graphics or panels. This flexibility allows for updating the display easily with new promotions, messages, or seasonal content.

5. Compliance and Regulations:

Consider local regulations regarding signage, including size, brightness, and placement, to ensure compliance with codes and avoid any issues after installation.

6. Supplier or Manufacturer Reputation:

Research and select a reputable supplier or manufacturer known for quality products, customer service, and reliability. Reviews and references can provide insights into their credibility.

Final word

Cabinet signs from are a classic way to direct customers to your business. These high-quality signs will last through all types of weather, keeping your branding message strong and visible for years to come. Our cabinet signs feature full color graphics on aluminum backers with a range of mounting options, from wall mount to pole mount. Each sign comes with a protective coating against all the elements. Choose from our selection of standard sizes or let us customize for you. Our cabinet signs will ensure that your message remains consistent and professional-looking in all kinds of outdoor settings and conditions. Make sure potential customers can always find you easily with Final Word's durable, long lasting cabinet signs.

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