Custom light box

Cabinet sign

Cabinet sign is mostly used as an exterior sign and in some cases can be used as an interior sign. Aluminum structure makes this type of sign durable and stable to any elements. This type of sign can be removed and reinstalled in case of changing location. Can be illuminated and non illuminated. Please see different types of cabinet signs below.

Regular light box

This type of light box you can find almost everywhere around the city. Front side of the light box is an acrylic piece with graphics on the top of it. Graphics are illuminated from inside of the box. It makes the sign greatly visible at night from a long distance. Very durable and reliable option to choose and also the most affordable. What makes it the perfect choice with a limited budget.

Pan channel light box

There are in fact, several classifications of light boxes in order to better understand which exact type of light box you are looking for. The pan channel type light box is one of the most popular of light boxes. That is because they repeat the shape of your logo and radiate a glow that looks exactly like a halo, making the text or image on the sign look positively and effortlessly graceful.

marquee light box

These signs are heavily inspired by retro cinemas and offer a dazzling display of your brand – whether it has your slogan or your menu specials. What makes it the perfect choice with a limited budget. These lightbox marquee signs are not only limited for promotional purposes for brands but can also make for a great home accessory or a gift for a loved one. We offer customized lightbox marquee signs and deliver them to your doorstep for convenience.

routed out
cabinet sign

Light boxes with routed out letters will have aluminum face and your logo or lettering will be routed out of aluminum surface. As you can see, the routed out letters give the effect of a more defined logo and makes it look more professional at the same time. A light box with cut out letters is guaranteed to catch anyone’s attention, owing to the fact that it will be illuminated as well as have a distinct style of lettering on the front.

push thru
cabinet sign

Push through signs are unique because they give the appearance that the letters have been ‘pushed through’ the lightbox. The letters of your push through sign will be made out of acrylic material and be ‘pushed-out’ of the aluminum exterior. To light up the letters, eco-friendly LED modules are placed inside the box right behind the letters. The illumination and aesthetic of these push through signs are what make it a popular choice.