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3D signs

3D signs also known as dimensional letters are a very popular choice for non illuminated signs. Mostly this type of letters is used indoors but also will do great for outdoor use. To create dimensional letters we use acrylic, metal, PVC and foam materials. Any of these materials could be laminated with special finishes in order to create a unique look.

signs with patina finish

Patina letters provide a special look for your brand. The patinas are created by chemicals and heat to produce 2 different shades. After creating the patina we put a layer of clear-coated on each piece. As in nature, the pattern of the patina is unpredictable from one sign to another. What makes your sign unique and one of a kind.

3D signs out of Brass

This special type of sign will give your sign a remarkable look. Very durable, easy to install, one of our favorite metal signs. We install this 3D sign with pins flat to the surface or we can and spacers and have more dimensions on it. This type of sign is great either indoors or outdoors. Will last forever and bring a lot of attention to your company.

3D metal Signs

3D Metal signs are a creative way to showcase your brand to the world. They can convey the title in a beautiful manner and are used in many places. Metal signs are a good option for both interior and exterior use. This type of sign is very durable and will last long and you can easily remove them and reinstall in case you need to change the location. It can have metal finish of all kinds as well as it can be painted any desired color. Thickness of 3D metal signs varies between 0.063″ to 0.5″, the most common thickness of logos and letters  we produce are 1/8″ and 1/4″.

Acrylic Signs

Looking for a budget-friendly alternative to metal letters? Acrylic letters will do the perfect job for you. No matter where you display these acrylic letters, these letters will surely add visibility to your brand wherever they are displayed and serve almost as long as metals letters. Apart from this, these dimensional acrylic signs are also a great way to decorate your office or working space and add some accent to the space. This material comes in the clear or white color and can be easily painted any color you want. The most common thickness of logos and letters  we produce are 1/4″ and 1/2″.

3d PVC signs

Apart from acrylic and metal signs it is less durable but cheaper option to go with. Therefore, we recommend using this type of sign indoors. Edges of this material are a bit rough and may be visible from closer look. Like any other option we can paint it any color as well as we can apply graphics on the front of letters or logos. The most common thickness of logos and letters we produce are 1/2″ and 3/4″.

3D foam signs

Foam 3D signs are another option we offer to our customers. Mostly this option is produced in bigger size and installed at a distance. Foam signs are less durable than other options as well as cheaper. We paint this sign any color in order to protect from elements and can apply graphics or laminate it with acrylic or metal. The most common thickness of logos and letters we produce are 1″ and 2″.