The average office space is a virtual information hub that serves as the office’s living room, as well as the workplace. The signs that line the walls and columns of these office buildings serve to highlight important messages, and better clarify pathways to the different departments. Over the years, the signs that adorn the walls of American office buildings have become more and more an integral part of the workplace.

Most offices today are more of a social gathering place than a place to work. With the proliferation of social media outlets, the workplace has evolved into a more casual environment. That’s why many businesses are getting more creative with signage, using it both as a means for branding and a way of boosting employee productivity.
The workspace we provide for our staff needs to be not only equipped and comfortable but also modern and relaxing. A professional office environment with inspiring signage multiplies our employees’ productivity. Employees who are working in an environment that is conducive to their work can perform their jobs more effectively. This is one of the reasons why companies continue to invest in office sign solutions.

Check out the types of signs and how to use them


Although you might not think about it, nameplates are an important part of business culture.
If we tell you that our employees’ motivation and morale are significantly boosted when they feel valued, we are probably not telling you anything new.
The perfect way to achieve this is to display our colleagues’ names on their desks or on their office doors. Nameplates can be used to show employees’ names, positions, office locations, phone numbers, or any other important information.
Nameplates help businesses make their employees feel like the company is truly taking them into consideration. So, if you’re thinking of buying nameplates for your office, make sure they match your company’s identity.

Custom decals

A popular trend this year is to decorate your office with custom decals that express your company’s personality. You can turn your office into a modern, attractive, and vibrant setting. These options come in many different shapes and colors, but the most popular ones are vinyl decals. The vinyl decals are flexible and will fit any shape or room. You can stick them on your walls, doors or windows.
Is your office a home for the creative spirits? Do you love wall decals, posters, and other wall art? Do you need to transform your office into a workplace where creativity thrives? The beauty of wall decals is that they can add instant wall art to any room without much time and effort.
More and more offices are decorating their floors with unique “signage”. But unlike the regular types of floor stickers, these floor decals can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, with various artistic accents.
Motivational and inspirational quotes on custom decals give the office space a dynamic appeal:

“Think outside the box”
“Work smart, not hard”
“Be the reason someone smiles today”
“Do something today that your future self will thank you for”

Backlit signs

Backlit signs are a great way to encourage and motivate employees. When you’re at work, it can be a lonely place to be. Here employees want to feel like they’re a part of something bigger and that their efforts are appreciated. Backlit signs are a great way to generate enthusiasm and encourage employees at their place of work. They also feel great when they see the results of their efforts and how happy the workplace looks.
The fact is, many workers report that office backlit signs are associated with improved productivity. This is no accident. These signs are designed to increase employee’s mood. Over a third of employees say that office backlit signs improve their happiness.

Office signage tips and guidelines

A well-designed sign can really bring an office to life. Unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all” solution to signs. There are so many factors to account for – font, color, size, lighting, design, and more – it can be overwhelming. However, there are a few basic rules and useful tips that can help you create a sign that will work for your business.

Colors First And Foremost

The color of office signs can be a very powerful way to make a visual impression. Though there are many options when it comes to office signage, the first step is choosing the right color pallet. After all, what’s important is that the colors you choose match your brand, business needs, and the way your workers feel. So, the first step is to figure out what colors would work best.
Cooler wall decal colors, like green or blue, can help create a relaxed and relaxing atmosphere. On the other hand, warm colors like red, orange, and yellow tend to make you feel more creative and warm.

Encourage Your Employees With Positive Signs

Having positive signs around your office encourages your employees to keep up the good work.  In addition to showing them that their efforts are appreciated, these signs show them that their work is respected. Motivate staff through office signs by encouraging creativity, productivity, teamwork, and loyalty.

letters on the wall

Recognize Employees Who Perform Well

Signs are great ways to acknowledge employees who stand out or who perform well. Using this method, you can show the value of their accomplishments. The rewards you give your employees for good behavior, exceptional work ethic, or outstanding efforts will only create a culture that increases these aspects. By doing this, your employees will strive harder to have their name on the next sign.

Be Humorous And Clever

You’ve probably been to office buildings and businesses that have clever and funny signs on their walls. Most of the signs tend to be simple, but they can still be funny and memorable for the employees that see them.
By having a sense of humor to communicate important messages to employees on your office signs, you can encourage your colleagues to smile as they walk through your office. Consider hanging humorous or thought-provoking messages on the walls of break rooms and lobbies. You will make your employees feel happy throughout the day by displaying these kinds of messages.

Design Matter

Signs should be sized to fit the space and should contain enough information to be understood by everybody in the office, as well as be aesthetically pleasing. A well-designed office sign is a great way to get noticed and can be a key factor in a successful business. Don’t forget, that office signage is something of an art form. Having good signage, such as modern signs, can make a big difference to your business.
When it comes to office signage, sometimes less is more. The most minimalist of offices will prefer a minimalist style of office signage.

Keep It Professional

Office signs are an important part of a business’s identity and statement. When it comes to office signage, it’s all about the presentation. If you own a company, the last thing you want to do is decorate your office in a way that is antiquated and outdated. You want a sign that will be eye-catching and one that will add to the overall appearance of the building. Keep it simple but professional, that’s what you want.
The key to an effective office sign is great content, and that is often overlooked in the design and creation of the actual sign.

Make It Memorable With The Right Font

Your signage needs to be proof that your business is thriving, yet it has to be easily understood by everyone that sees it. This can be achieved by getting the right font, font size, and color. Fonts like Comic Sans, Impact, and Papyrus are completely inappropriate for conveying a message. Fonts can be tricky, and you’re best off leaving it to the experts.

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